IT and OT infrastructure security of structure networks

IT and OT infrastructure is basis of proper operation of every security system or IT as well as processing environment in company or secured facility. Its proper design, implementation and subsequent maintenance can have crucial significance for working of other elements of system.

Within rendered service to our clients, we design and create comprehensive IT infrastructure of building or facility allowing for safe communication of various security systems and transfer of information among working station and workers.

Provided solutions comprise among the others project, construction and maintenance:

  • Data Center facilities
  • structural networks
  • light pipes and optical fibre networks
  • systems of technical safety networks
  • wireless networks

Complexity of our service in terms of building IT infrastructures complement our several-year experience in the scope of designing and building Data Center in our clients’ facilities.

Well designed and done IT infrastructure guarantees not only stable information transfer among systems but it increases cybersecurity of facility as well, diminishing the risk of break-in or disruption of security system operation by outside people.

It allows as well for better system integration in terms of one comprehensive solution of securing facility.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We will willingly dispel any doubts.