Technical security systems

We design and provide comprehensive solutions of  buildings technical security, including specialized security systems for critical infrastructure buildings.

We approach each facility secured by us individually and already at the design stage we take into account its specific requirements and analyze all potential risks to which it may be exposed.

We design and provide security systems for newly built buildings as well as we modernize already existing systems in the facilities that are in constant use.

Each time before starting work, we conduct a safety audit that allows:

  • indicate the threats to which the building is exposed
  • assess the current state of security
  • indicate directions for the construction or expansion of security systems
  • estimate the costs of implementing security systems along with the profits resulting from their correct design or optimization

The solutions we propose include, among others:

  • access control systems
  • video monitoring systems CCTV
  • break-in and assault signaling systems
  • perimeter protection systems
  • management and visualization of technical security systems
  • drone protection and anti-drone protection

Technical security systems for facilities, in particular in high-risk facilities, are most often only one of the systems protecting a given facility. Therefore, we attach great importance to the integration of various security systems into one comprehensive solution securing a given facility.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We will willingly dispel any doubts.