Drone and antidrone protection

Guaranteeing wide range of our service, we provide our clients with solutions enabling full protection of their facilities against drones and support of their security and safety systems with drones.

Similarly to the other security systems delivered by us, we integrate  these elements as well into one comprehensive solution cooperating with other security systems.

Within provided solutions we offer:

  • antidrone protection systems
  • drone security systems

Anti-drone protection

Safety and protection against  drone infiltration is nowadays one of the most important elements of security of facilities comprising critical infrastructure.

Antidrone protection systems enable early drone detection, preventing it from moving around secured area, forcing it to land and destroy, it if it is necessary.

We offer our clients anti-drone protection solutions suitable for their needs, selected individually to specific cases on the basis of analysis of needs and options of legal ways of drone neutralization.

Drone protection

Drone protection is a part of system supporting security workers and break in and assault alarm system taking into account perimeter security system.

It works out especially where large area security is required as well as in monitoring of hard-to-reach places. Fast drones equipped with visual and thermovisual cameras guarantee much bigger possibilities in terms of facility security than standard camera system or security guards doing their rounds.

Drone security system can be applied in:

  • air patrolling of large secured areas,
  • early danger detection e.g. on flammable item storages,
  • monitoring hard-to-reach places such as: pipelines, energy networks, roofs of  facilities , rail sidings,
  • quickening diagnosis of cause and localization of infrastructure malfunction,
  • safety condition analysis of secured facility

If you have any questions, please contact us. We will willingly dispel any doubts.